At-Bristol Science Centre

At-Bristol as a charity

At Bristol as a Charity

Our vision:

To make science accessible to all.

Our mission:

At-Bristol is a world-class science and discovery centre that engages the public with contemporary science and technology and works to improve formal and informal science education across the country.

Our values:

  • Education: we are focussed on audience learning
  • Quality: we offer good value services of the highest quality in all our operations
  • Creativity: we inspire and promote creativity
  • Fun: we offer fun, inspiring and memorable experiences
  • Diversity: we welcome all audiences
  • Trust: we create safe environments for staff, volunteers and visitors
  • Objective: we provide objective information on the latest thinking in science
  • Integrity: we maintain our financial sustainability without compromising our integrity
  • Synergy: we support and respect the work of all departments
  • Sustainability: we act to reduce our environmental impact

Most of our income is earned from four sources: your visits, private event hire, the revenue received from the Millennium Square Car Park, donations and sponsorship. 

We rely on support from public and private donors to be able to continue all our educational, outreach and community projects, and to develop At-Bristol's exhibitions.

Volunteers are involved at every level of the organisation and in a wide variety of departments and roles, contributing over 2500 hours per year.

To find out more about how At-Bristol works and the highlights of 2013, please dowload our Annual Review from the box on the left.

Please make a donation and sign up to Gift Aid when you buy your tickets or take out annual Membership. Corporate and community memberships are also available.

Thank you!

Science Fact

There are around 200 billion stars in our galaxy