At-Bristol Science Centre

At-Bristol's sustainability policy

At-Bristol recognises the importance of organisational commitment to achieving and demonstrating environmentally sustainable practices.

At-Bristol is committed to continual improvement of its environmental performance and intends to achieve this by setting clear environmental objectives and regularly monitoring progress against them. To ensure fulfilment of its mission, At-Bristol has adopted the following environmental policy:

  • Comply with all existing legislation, consents and codes issued at European, national and local levels and to adopt a pro-active stance in anticipating future regulatory requirements.
  • Provide public, staff and suppliers access to information on the company’s environmental policy and performance.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training for all employees, and actively promote and encourage the pursuit of environmentally sustainable practices.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the policy as it influences staff and visitors.
  • Seek to collaborate with other organisations to help visitors reduce their own environmental impact e.g. through green transport initiatives.
  • Seek to make effective use of materials, energy and water to reduce demand on natural resources.
  • Encourage recycling and the use of recycled materials. Minimise production of waste wherever practicable.
  • Work as far as possible with suppliers and contractors to identify and maintain the best environmental practices and high environmental standards.
  • Seek to identify new and relevant innovations and technologies to improve environmental performance.
  • Seek to improve the efficiency of existing buildings through enhancements to the Building Energy Management Systems.
  • Conduct, on at least an annual basis, an audit of the company’s environmental performance to assess progress and to identify any deficiency in order to correct them.
  • Review and update this policy on a regular basis to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.

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