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Our World - no more waste

Take inspiration from our natural recycling processes and learn about the amazing system that’s being working for four billion years!

Playing on Living Timeline

Living Timeline

Presenting the weather!

Discover our hands-on experience, Our World – no more waste.

Funded by the SITA Trust, Our World - no more waste is all about how in the natural world nothing goes to waste: volcanoes and bacteria made the air we breathe, oceans make sand from rocks, and plants are made from the gases we breathe out.

There are 14 interactive exhibits to discover!

You can track real-time weather around the world with the interactive globe, change the way water moves, present a weather forecast and even trigger a mini volcanic eruption!

Play with virtual critters from the Jurassic period! Using the latest technology, encourage a prehistoric spider to scuttle up your arm, or just watch the ancient fish swimming along.

The Our World - no more waste exhibition is supported by the SITA Trust

What our visitors say

"I came with my son in a wheelchair - excellent for him to participate"

The McCatty family, Gloucester